Keep Alief Clean & Green Recycling Day

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Houston Computer Recycling is proud to be participating with Alief ISD, International District, Tradition Bank, and Alief Super Neighborhood Council in the semi-annual Keep Alief Clean & Green Recycling Day event.


When:  Saturday, October 21st, 9AM to 1PM

Where: Alief ISD Crump Stadium

4214 Cook Rd.

Houston, TX 77072

  • Houston Computer Recycling is happy to accept:
    • Computers (This includes: Monitors, CPU´s, Servers, Keyboards, Laptops, & Networking)
    • Phones (office and cell)
    • Any wire
    • Printers
    • Fax machines
    • Scanners
    • PDA´s
    • Circuit Boards of any kind
    • Many unusual types of electronic and communications equipment
    • Flat Panel Televisions
  • Houston Computer Recycling does not accept:
    • Home appliances
    • Medical equipment
    • Microwave ovens
    • Car batteries
    • Household Batteries
    • Light Bulbs
    • CRT Televisions
    • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment
    • Personal Hygiene Electronics and Appliances
    • VHS Tapes or Audio Tapes
Houston Computer Recycling  DOES NOT ACCEPT the following materials: Radioactive materials, hazardous materials (oils, paints, antifreeze etc.), corrosives (e.g. car batteries), compressed gas cylinders, flammable materials, refrigerants, other hazardous materials (e.g. fluorescent lamps, pesticides, oil filters, lead, mercury switches), PCBs (ballast, transformers, capacitors, etc.), explosives (e.g. ammunition, fire arms), non-electronic scrap materials (e.g. tires, office waste, solid waste, furniture, asbestos).



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